Since 1979 we have worked with a variety of companies from a range of industries. Our fluid end expendables meet the demands of a diverse manufacturing need. At Standard Industrial Manufacturing, we offer high quality frac plungers and plunger pump parts. Just as ceramic plungers serve a different purpose than Chrome Oxide, different pumps are employed based on the job type. [READ – Advanced Coating Technology]

A frequent pump that is often used across all industries is the centrifugal pump. Due to their ability to handle high flows, centrifugal pumps constitute more than 85% of the world’s production of pumps. With the appropriate corrections, conventional centrifugal pumps can tolerate solids’ levels up to around 7% on the pump curves. While centrifugal pumps custom made for an application can handle up to about 15% solids.

Oil & Gas
Centrifugal pumps are the most commonly used pumps in the oil and gas industry. They are often used to pump crude oil, and for transferring low-viscosity fluids that require high flow rates. In the oil industry, centrifugal pumps are commonly used alongside other pumps to create a horizontal multistage pump unit to deliver crude oil.

Fire Protection
In order to prevent and control fires, firefighters must be able to spray water at high pressures. For over a century, firefighters have been using centrifugal pumps to help them extinguish fires. Most fire trucks you see have centrifugal pumps.

HVAC Systems
HVAC systems use centrifugal pumps to heat and cool buildings. Centrifugal pumps heat and cool homes and buildings by pumping water through a Cooler Tower repeatedly.

Distilleries will typically use centrifugal pumps for the beginning and end stages of the distilling process, such as bringing in water and then the fermentation transfer stage of production.

Even some winemakers use centrifugal pumps to move freshly harvested grapes from a de-stemmer to the tank for fermentation. Since centrifugal pumps are durable, this can be an economical option. However, since the art of winemaking is so delicate, most wineries prefer to find gentler applications for their fluids.

Food Manufacturing
Large-scale food manufacturers use the assistance of centrifugal pumps to move low-viscosity liquids such as batters, oils, and beverages, and various dairy products.

Waste Management
Centrifugal pumps are generally used by wastewater management plants to transport raw and effluent wastewater, as well as primary and secondary sludge.

Water Purification
Since centrifugal pumps are made of reliable materials that can withstand abrasive elements, reverse osmosis plants often employ centrifugal pumps. An obstacle reverse osmosis plants face is finding a way to pump the seawater which may contain relatively large unknown solids and other possibly harsh particles. Considering centrifugal pumps have the ability to pump solids and can pump fluids at high flow rates, they are relatively valuable pumps to reverse osmosis plants.

Cosmetic Industry
Whether makeup or hand cream, the product starts somewhere and manufacturers need a way to transfer the core ingredients. The high-quality ingredients used in perfumes and colognes are also highly flammable. Manufacturers are faced with the precarious task of transporting the materials efficiently and safely. Fortunately, centrifugal pumps that are self-priming are known for their ability to sustain safe standards while pumping explosive and highly flammable materials.

Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry uses centrifugal pumps to transport liquids. Manufacturers in this industry praise centrifugal pumps because of their hygienic benefits. Centrifugal pumps offer an easy solution to maintain the pump to the industry’s strict hygienic standards.


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