Standard provides an assortment of wing guided and cage type valves for special applications. These valves are available in 316SS, Aluminum Bronze, and Nitronic-50. These valves can be customized and designed for any special application.

Styles Include:

  • Wing Guided valves to fit Gaso pumps
  • Aluminum Bronze valves to fit Gardner Denver pumps
  • Cage type valves to fit National pumps
  • Valves and seats used in completion services

Wing Guided Valves

Disc Valves and Abrasive Resistant Valves

Standard also offers Disc and Abrasive Resistant Valves. These two style valves are designed to service most applications.

Disc Style

Standard manufactures a complete line of “Disc” style valves. The valve seats and spring retainers are made from investment castings and machined to exacting specifications. Materials are available in 316SS, Monel, and Aluminum Bronze. The discs are made from Delrin, Titanium, or 316SS depending on the application. All springs are made from Inconel.

Abrasive Resistant

Standard offers the “AR” style valve for applications where abrasives in the pumping product are causing premature valve failure. They are offered with a polyurethane insert to provide an abrasive resistant seal. For higher temperatures, we offer a “metal to metal” valve member with no insert. Materials are available in heat treated 17-4, or 316ss depending on the application.


Standard offers a complete line of stuffing box brass to complement our packing. Packing followers, lantern rings, and throat bushings are made of Aluminum Bronze. We also manufacture gland nuts for most popular pumps. These parts can be made from other materials such as steel, stainless steel, and Teflon for special applications.


    Standard manufactures a complete line of pullers. These pullers are made from heat-treated material to provide extended use for multiple jobs.

    • J -Puller- Used to pull 3 web disc type valves.
    • Stud Pullers – Used to pull all disc valves
    • Eccentric Pullers – Used to pull wing guided and AR valves
    • Expandable Pullers – Used to pull wing guided and AR valves

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