Since 1979, Standard Industrial Manufacturing has been a specialty manufacturer of fluid end expendables for plunger pumps and centrifugal pumps. We’re proud to service the oil and gas industry alongside various industrial markets. We are your ceramic plunger and centrifugal pump specialists. Today, Standard Industrial Manufacturing has broadened its product lines to include most fluid-end expendables for all major pump brands. We are a full service distributor of high quality frac plungers, as well as various industrious fluid handling equipment.

At Standard Industrial Manufacturing, we understand that market conditions and durability are most important to you because we believe in the same business practices. Relationships are important to us. It is our goal to raise the standard of client communication to streamline purchasing, installation, and maintenance of all high quality frac plungers, fluid end expendables, ceramic plungers and centrifugal pumps. You can depend on our team ensure your equipment is optimized for you.

Made in America since 1979, Standard Industrial Manufacturing puts a job well done as the number one priority. We understand that this is a competitive market. Get the most out of your budget with quality materials. Long-lasting performance products are the high standard that our customers expect and is what sets Standard apart.

Standard Industrial Manufacturing has the reputation to follow. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. They stay with us because we are supportive, we are knowledgeable, and we react in a timely manner for any changes or concerns. Consider Standard to be your in-house outfitter for all industrious fluid-end expendables. We’ve been doing this for a long time, we are professionals and we are prepared to support you and increase your profitability.

We are skilled, we are lasting and we are tough.